Shock & Trauma Bailey Combination

Star of Bethlehem(Ornithogalum arabica)Ivy(Hedera helix)
Scabious(Knautia arvensis)

When circumstances around us suddenly change, we can become very shocked. Whatever the cause, three things are needed to help us emerge from our traumas as rapidly and easily as possible. These are covered by three essences.

Star of Bethlehem is for immediate shock reaction. The emotional kick-back from sudden shock can have a devastating effect on our whole system, even causing us to faint. Star of Bethlehem works to cancel this immediate shock reaction, helping us to become more detached from what has actually happened.

Ivy is to help us remain grounded and at ease. To resist the negative effects of what has happened we need to be solidly rooted in the present moment, tenaciously holding on to life. For this Ivy is an excellent remedy.

Scabious is to help restore us with its gentle healing properties. It enables us to accept and perhaps learn from what has happened without emotional entanglement. Scabious brings ease and comfort to the shaken being.