Major Life Changes - Bailey Essences & Combinations

Bistort - 10ml - (A) - also in Transition and Metal Deficient *

To provide loving support at times of major change in our lives.
Confusion - 10ml *

For when our lives are confused and we feel unable to see clearly what we should be doing.
Conifer Mazegill - 10ml *

For sudden, irrevocable changes to our life. Continually activates energies of positive change.
Flame Azalea - 10ml *

Helps us to regain our vital life force and sense of community after major changes in life.
Giant Bellflower - 10ml - also in Cellular Memory *

The clarion call for change. It is the catalyst for action where old habit patterns have been holding us back.
Grief - 10ml *

This is very helpful for all cases of grief and anguish where there is deep distress.
Leopardsbane - 10ml - Also in Wood Excess *

For those who are at a major change point in their lives. They may feel as if they are living on a knife edge.
Transition - 10ml *

For when there are major changes in life, when the past needs to make way for the new.