Baby Birth & Dr. Bach Flower Remedy

Child Birth

Child birth is one of Natures wonders and each birth is unique; it is the beginning of life of a human being. Bach Flower Remedies have been very useful both during labor and after birth to help both mother and child to adjust to each other and for the mother to get over the physical exhaustion of labor.

Rescue Remedy helps both mother and child during labor to get over the labor fast and easily.

Rescue Remedy Cream can be applied to broken tissue.

Cherry Plum: Helps if the mother get in a situation where she is is afraid she may loose her sanity and is about to explode. Cherry Plum helps the mother to be calm and act rationally. (Present in Rescue Remedy)

Elm: Helps when the mother get overwhelmed either by the responsibility of being a parent or by the labor itself.

Gentian: Helps the mother when she gets discouraged. Gentian helps the mother to remember that any difficulty will be overcome in the end.

Impatiens: Helps the mother (and father) when they get impatience in the process of labor. Impatiens helps them cope with the process calmly and good humored.(Present in Rescue Remedy®)

Larch: Helps if the mother loses confidence. Larch helps the mother to regain confidence that she can overcome anything.

Mimulus: Helps the mother if she get afraid either for the life of her child or of other reasons.

Olive: Helps the mother to overcome physical exhaustion during labor. Olive gives the mother the strength to keep going.

Rock Rose: Helps everyone involved in the unlikely event of an emergency, where there is a feeling of frozen fear and helplessness. (Present in Rescue Remedy)

Walnut: Helps both baby, mother, father and siblings to adjust to the change a new family member requires.

* Total panic and terrified of labor; Rock Rose, Rescue Remedy

* For fear of a known thing; Mimulus

* Fear of loosing control, not coping:; Cherry Plum, Rescue Remedy

* Fear that something terrible is going to happen: Aspen

* Fear for the child: Red Chestnut

* Impatient for the labor to progress; Impatiens

* Exhaustion: Olive

* Lack of confidence: Larch

* 4 drops of Rescue Remedy in a glass of water sipped continuously throughout labor is very beneficial. Rescue Remedy contains Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose and Clematis.

* When the baby is born; 4 drops of Rescue Remedy on the forehead or in the mouth and 4 drops for the mother.


The rapid decline in the levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone after birth can lead to the notorious baby blues. This depression of spirits is common and quite normal, but nonetheless disturbing. It varies from one woman to another in how severe this depression might be and how long it will last. It is usually something that lifts after a few days and some women do not suffer with it at all.

The Bach Remedies, although very gentle, can be of great help and if taken straight away, before the depression has had a chance to dig its heels in, so much the better.

Everyone has their own individual personalities and characteristics and so it follows that we should treat ourselves in an individual way, choosing the remedies as to who we are, how we are, and why we feel the way we do.

Following are a few suggestions of remedies that might be helpful:

* The blues; for no apparent reason. The mother is overjoyed to have a baby, has a loving partner and a secure home, but a cloud of gloom overshadows it. For these women it can be difficult to fathom as there is no account for it: Mustard

* The reason for the baby blues; is known. Say if the mother has had stitches and they are really uncomfortable or the baby is not behaving how you would expect him/her to. The mother feels disappointed or disheartened for a known reason; Gentian

* If the reason is of something of greater depth leading to total anguish and despair: Sweet Chestnut

* If the mother not coping very well and has a fear of loosing control; Cherry Plum, Rescue Remedy

* For women who are constantly expecting more from themselves or feeling guilty for not doing enough: Pine

* For those who are not grounded, are in a dream world and not really aware of what is happening around them, feeling detached from reality: Clematis

* Difficulty adjusting to having a baby: Walnut

* Women who are bravely coping, but not caring for themselves: Oak

* For women who are over-anxious and fearful about the baby's well-being: Red Chestnut

* For those who have suffered a traumatic birth: Star of Bethlehem, Rescue Remedy