Fear & Grief Bailey Essences & Combinations

Cellular Memory *

Cellular memories can give rise to deeply entrenched behaviour patterns that can dominate our lives. This essence helps to lift those blocks.
Conifer Mazegill - 10ml *

For sudden, irrevocable changes in our lives. Continually activates energies of positive change.
Cyprus Rock Rose - 10ml - Also in Water Deficient *

For deep terrors and fears that are difficult to expose and resolve. More powerful and deeper-acting than common Rock Rose.
Depression and Despair - 10ml *

For those times when we become locked in negative thought patterns, including the depths of despair.
Fears - 10ml *

This essence helps us to let go of fears so that we can live in greater freedom.
Grief - 10ml *

This is very helpful for all cases of grief and anguish where there is deep distress.
Oxalis - 10ml - Also in Fire Deficient *

For things that have you by the throat and seem so overpowering that there appears to be no way out.
Sadness and Loneliness - 10ml *

For those times when we need comfort, love and reassurance. Encourages new beginnings.
Self-Esteem - 10ml *

For those who feel disempowered, often dominated by others, and are unable to assert themselves in the world. Blocked-off self love.
Shock and Trauma - 10ml *

Essence of choice for sudden or long-term shock and trauma.
Stuck in a Rut - 10ml *

For use when we feel stagnated or trapped by the circumstances surrounding us.
Yin/Yang Balancer - 10ml *

To balance the essential male and female, Yang/Yin qualities within each person.